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How I work

The way that I work is in an existential-phenomenological way.  This is a long phrase that is not as complicated as it sounds.  Basically it means that unlike some counsellors I do not apply theories to you and I don't diagnose you or 'treat' you. Rather, I give you space and time to talk and be heard in order to work out for yourself how you wish to live your life.  I acknowledge that life can be very challenging at times for all of us, and that anxiety and difficult feelings are a part of life, not ailments to be cured.  


I won't give you advice or tell you what to do as I have never personally found this to be helpful.  It is so easy for an 'expert' psychotherapist or counsellor to give lots of clever ideas and interpretations about a person without this making any actual difference to the way that they feel. 


What I will do is engage with you in a real and non-judgemental relationship in which you can work on whatever you need to work on.  Existential therapy is about helping you to find your own meanings.  I am ready to listen and to help you find a way to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

I have experience in a wide range of areas, but have a particular interest in those experiencing discrimination due to sex, gender, sexuality, neuro-diversity or disability; workplace bullying and mobbing; parenting and mothering, including special needs parenting; and those who are experiencing or have experienced narcissistic abuse in their family of origin or romantic relationships.

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